Triplex worm 750 ml

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Plant cleaner (Potassium soap)


Wash molasses secreted by some insects, as well as the bold that usually develops on it. It also eliminates the remains of moults and dead insects that are an ideal medium for the development of pests.


Potassium oleate...................... 0,5 % (w/w)

Directions for use: Direct application

Spray wetting well the branches and leaves of the plant. Apply every 8-10 days until the pest subsides or until the plant is cleaned.

Do not apply in full sun during the hottest hours.


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AgriAlgae® Premium Stress has a content of 2.0% in free L-amino acids (20 g/l). It also contains phytohormones, vitamins, minerals, pigments, peptides, polyunsaturated fatty acids and polysaccharides. This composition makes it the perfect complement to your crop in order to face possible adverse conditions and episodes of abiotic stress that affect the plant.

Like all AgriAlgae®products, it is characterized by its high assimilation and by being a "Zero Waste" product. AgriAlgae® Premium Stress can be applied either via root as a preventive treatment, or via foliar as a curative treatment once possible symptoms of abiotic stress have been observed in the plant. Among its many benefits on cultivation, AgriAlgae® Premium Stress promotes the natural defenses of the plant and allows it to give a quick response to episodes of abiotic stress. In addition, it favors the regeneration of damaged tissues.


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Triplex worm 750 ml