Re-Cu-Bre, Seismic Organic Copper 1 L COATS

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It is a copper with both fungal and bactericidal properties and

disinfectants that also by its special formulation is systemic, reaching not only

to the external fungi but also acts therefore against those who are

inside the plant.

A monthly application at least, in case of times of fungal attacks

reduce the time between applications, applied foliar and to the soil. 3 to 5 cc per liter


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Composition: copper 5.5%; complexed copper 5%; copper gluconate 46%. Complexing agent: AG. Copper gluconate solution specially studied to correct copper deficiencies in plants, with direct effects on the sanitization of wounds and cuts in plants, preventing the entry of both fungal diseases and bacteria. It acts ascendingly and downwardly, so it moves quickly on the tissues most sensitive to climatic adversities. For foliar application and irrigation

Dosage: foliar route: 200-300 cc/hl (100 L of water). Drip irrigation: 1.5-2 L/ha, apply between the months of March to September to achieve a correction of strong deficiencies and increase in the photosynthetic yield of the crops. Do not make mixtures with alkaline reaction products, sulfurs, oils and sulfocalcicos. Do not mix with phosphites or products containing amino acids. Preferably perform the treatment in the morning or at sunset, avoiding the hours of high temperatures. In fruit trees,citrus and vine, the last application must be made before the ripening of the fruit.


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Re-Cu-Bre, Seismic Organic...