SulfateYdium, Sistemic organic sulfur 1 L

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Sulphur with fungal properties, insecticide and acaricide, without forgetting that

is essential in the development of the plant, after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, is the

next nutrient in terms of needs in the plant. Beware of the

applications in times of sprouting of plants when it is very hot, if the sun gives

directly on the plant burns can occur on young leaves, that is

thus for any sulfur.

A monthly application at least, in case of times of fungal attacks

reduce the time between applications, between the application of sulfur and copper leave the

minus 5 days. 3 to 5 cc per liter


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SULPHUR 40%. SL. Pack "Composition: systemic organic sulphur 40%, presented in a liquid formulation in the form of a pack (2 carafes), of different components, which complement each other synergistically, increasing its absorption, transport and nutrition via systemic way by the plants. It is presented in the form of thiol SO3 systemic, as a deficiency corrector, increasing the biosynthesis of proteins necessary for the formation and lignification of the plant tissue of the plant, helping to prevent fungal diseases. For use in most fruit trees, woody crops fruit trees, woody crops, horticultural crops, berries, tubers, onions, garlic y ornamentals, being specially indicated for its application in vine y table grapes. Make applications at times of greatest need of plants: early spring, during bud break and / or post-flowering and summer, in full fruit set and fruit fattening activity. And when high humidity and temperature conditions (storms) make it advisable. It is presented in the form of a pack (2 carafes), with two components that are always mixed in equal quantity or proportion. The contents of the two carafes of this pack are applied simultaneously in the doses indicated below.

Dosage: foliar spring summer treatments: 150-300 cc/hl (100 L of water) from the pack (75-150 cc from each of the carafes); application in drip irrigation: 4-8 L/ha from the pack (2-4 L from each of the carafes), the maximum dose is 5 L/ha from each carafe; its application is indicated with marked sulphur deficiencies and physiopathies, due to the systemic upward introduction of sulphur via the roots. grapevine : 150-300 cc/hl (100 L of water) of the pack (75-150 cc of each of the carafes), it is highly recommended to carry out foliar treatments in spring and summer. Respect a safety period of 12-18 days between treatments. Incompatible with copper and other sulphurs. Do not mix with alkaline reaction products, sulphocalcic and oils, or strong oxidants. The treatments will be carried out preferably avoiding high temperatures and sunshine in summer. Do not apply in full bloom. Do not apply in artichoke, or in certain varieties of apricot, apple and pear trees sensitive to sulphur. In case of doubt, consult the manufacturer before carrying out the treatment. Dosage: foliar application: 200-300 cc/hl (100 L of water). Drip irrigation: 1,5-2 L/ha, apply between March and September to achieve a correction of strong deficiencies and an increase of the photosynthetic performance of the crops. Do not mix with alkaline reaction products, sulphur, oils and sulphocalcic products. Do not mix with phosphites or products containing amino acids. Preferably carry out the treatment in the morning or at dusk, avoiding hours of high temperatures. In fruit trees, citrus y grapevine, the last application should be made before the beginning of fruit ripening.


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