Biorend 1 L, Organic immunostimulant

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Sulphur with fungal properties, insecticide and acaricide, without forgetting that

is essential in the development of the plant, after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, is the

next nutrient in terms of needs in the plant. Beware of the

applications in times of sprouting of plants when it is very hot, if the sun gives

directly on the plant burns can occur on young leaves, that is

thus for any sulfur.

A monthly application at least, in case of times of fungal attacks

reduce the time between applications, between the application of sulfur and copper leave the

minus 5 days. 3 to 5 cc per liter


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Natural product derived from chitin, organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting that is used in agriculture as an inducer of defense mechanisms and / or crop protector.
Its active ingredient is N-acetyl-glucosamine (Chitosan), a polymer derived from chitin, the main active ingredient for the production of Biorend®.
Chitin is the second most abundant polymer in nature, it can be found in the cell walls of some pathogenic fungi, in insect exoskeletons, and in bovine cartilage.
Our chitosan is extracted from the shells of marine crustaceans such as crabs and centellions in Magallanes, Antarctic region of Chile.
It is systematically absorbed by plants through seeds or roots. As a result of this there is a stronger growth of the crop.
Due to the composition of Biorend® (derived from chitin) the crop, in theory, thinks it is being attacked by a pathogen, inducing a defense response in the plant to this attack.
Biorend® acts as an immunostimulant in plants through the state-of-the-art mechanism known as SAR (ACQUIRED SYSTEMIC RESISTANCE). This response manifests itself in biochemical, cytogenetic and structural changes that result in a significant increase in production and biomass.

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